My first shoot with Paige, I asked her if she’d be up for trying out a different kind of test shoot.  Different for me that is, maybe not for you.  Hard to say.

Instead of spending the night shooting we sat down somewhere.

We talked and I got to know Paige.  The small things.

Every once in awhile I stole a genuine expression during a genuine moment. A glimpse, a detail.  These are the things a brain like mine sees… when the rest of me is sitting still.

I like to think that part of the genuineness might be captured, and possibly even conveyed. To you, the viewer.

That is my artist statement, of sorts.

I hope you find it as fascinating of a process as I found Paige as a person.  Thanks much for your sla.  Short for slang.  You wouldn’t get it, unless you know her, which I guess is kind of the point?

A journey in documenting a person rather than a face.  That is my new inspiration.  I’ve finally found the words.  More images like this to come.

Much more.