Jake Garn


Jake has been filled with an insatiable need to create for as long as he can remember, whether it was a drawing, building a fort, or even writing stand-up comedy.

The photography bug was planted in the mid-nineties during a simple Introduction to Photography course.  The darkroom, the camera, the chemicals all screamed out with possibilities and the next year when Layton High School added a computer lab, complete with the extraordinarily advanced Adobe Photoshop (version 2.5) a long-term love affair was set.  As photography meandered its way into the digital age the format became increasingly custom-tailored to Jake’s love of instant gratification and attention-deficit tendencies.

Purchasing his first digital SLR camera in 2002 began the transformation of photography from a casual hobby into a bit of an obsession.

Inspiration includes Mona Lisa, American Gothic, Van Gogh, Picasso, Michaelangelo’s David, Stéfan Bourson, Richard Avedon (his crazier stuff), Matthew Cooke, Mario Testino, Herb Ritts, Mark Seliger, Patrick Demarchelier, Gerald Bybee and of course, above all of them my beautiful wife Jennifer – my sounding board and chief advice-giver!

“Specializing in whimsical fashion.  I love color, I love crazy, I love beauty, I love a dash of humor in my images and I love my wife, son, dogs and cat… not necessarily in that order.”

Jake Garn

A Few Accolades and Credits

Behind the Scenes Electric Shoot

 The Creative Team

A big thank you to all the muses that posed for my camera over the years, many of whom are not professional models at all.

Through about 2012 Paula Dahlberg and Steven Robertson are the ubiquitous creative geniuses involved in most of the over-the-top concepts featured on my page. Frequent contributions also came from Keith Bryce, McKell Maddox, Janae Mechling, Michelle Boucher, Chad Seale and several others.

Sterling Okura of bizlift, the technical guru behind my website and also responsible for search engine optimization.  Hire him, he’s amazing!