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Personal Photography Commissions

Individual, whimsical, artistic and intimate portraiture is what we specialize in.

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International Editorial

Internationally Published

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Genre Specialties:  Beauty, Portraits, Fashion, Food, Landscape proficiencies:

Digital Retouching Proficiencies using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

  • Pixel Level Edits on Food, Faces and Bodies
  • Lossless Developing, White Balance & Toning (RAW or DNG)
  • Background/Foreground Removals or Additions
  • Custom Exposure & Color Correction
  • Hand-Drawn Masking & Selections
  • Selective Color Change & Enhancement
  • Dynamic Blending & Layer Composites
  • Skin Perfection & Digital Plastic Surgery
  • Hairstyling, Brow Grooming & Eyelash Filling
  • Make-up Enhancement & Digital Application